Project: Soundcard Device Drivers

Creative Labs has OS/2 support for all its ISA soundcards. But they dropped support for the new PCI soundcards like SoundBlaster Live!.
Now Sander van Leeuwen started to port the Linux driver from CreativeLabs to OS/2.

Features of the first SoundBlaster Live! driver:

  • Up to 32 simultaneous wave playback streams
  • One record stream
  • Full duplex
  • Support for IOCTL90 (Crystal Semiconductor Mixer API)
  • RTMIDI playback and recording.
    Note: You need an external MIDI device to listen to MIDI files. MIDI playback with the MMPM/2 MIDI player is not supported!
  • Full source code (GNU license) available at our CVS Server

The 32 bit device driver is using the new KEE32 API found in Warp Server for e-Business (Aurora) and Warp 4 Fixpak 13. During the installation the installer checks if the user has WSeB or Warp 4 FP13. If so the KEE Version is installed, if it's not available the other 32-bit device driver is used.

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